No, only undergraduates in degree-seeking programs may apply for the Visiting Student Program at Columbia Engineering.

Columbia welcomes college students who wish to spend all or part of an academic year taking classes at Columbia, in person or online. This program has been designed as an opportunity for students to broaden their college experience and is intended as a supplement to the undergraduate program at their home institution. Students in the Visiting Student Program are not permitted to apply for transfer admission. While we will try our best to accommodate students who wish to live on campus, we are not able to guarantee Visiting Student Program students campus housing. Admitted students will be notified at the time of admission if we are able to offer campus housing.

Regular visiting students may enter in either January or September and may spend one or two consecutive semesters at Columbia. All Visiting Students must be in overall good academic and disciplinary standing at their home colleges.

No, Visiting Students to Columbia Engineering may not subsequently apply for transfer admission. Also, you may not apply simultaneously as a transfer and as a visitor.

No, financial aid is not available from Columbia for visiting students.   Visiting students should speak with the financial aid office at their home institution to find out if their aid package can be applied.

Here is a list of popular engineering courses that SEAS students take. For a complete list of courses and their description and for an outline of the standard course sequences by department, please consult the Columbia Engineering Bulletin.

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